Paltò's images and iconography are directed towards the emotions of cinematic film. It is the world of cinema, with its stories and faces, that has made this garment the protagonist, making it eternal. And here Paltò turns his gaze and inspiration. 

And the images of the collection flow on the mythical figure of Marlon Brando, unforgettable in Last Tango in Paris, to the unattainable charm of Alain Delon in The first night of quiet or to the mastery with which Visconti described the figure of Burt Lancaster in a family group in a indoor. The coat in the cinema is also Donna. And the images of Greta Garbo in Anna Karenina, La Mangano from La Grande Guerra or Giulietta Masina's sweetness in La Strada emerge like poignant paintings. And again, Mastroianni and Jean Paul Belmondo, James Dean and Eastwood.n e Eastwood.

A timeless, infinite heritage, placed in the heart of humanity, whose voices and evocations guide Paltò and his workers



“Paltò s. m. [masculine and feminine, said in an italic voice. Coat Factory]. - Overcoat, an essential and indispensable concept, a distinctive symbol of elegance and exclusivity that cannot be done without (protects, warms, reassures). The Italian tailoring tradition combined with research and innovation of cuts and materials, with an unmistakable design.le”.



The Paltò factory has always been considered a place of worship for lovers of craftsmanship and tailoring.

Inherited and restored by the Paganelli family, it was previously the seat of an important local tailor's shop. Also called The Coat Factory, it is characterized by a series of elements that uniquely link it to the brand.