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From the ARCHIVIO line, this garment is a mix between a cape and a parka. Patch pocket, wide back vent and oversized fit. Perfect to wear with an evening dress or over a duvet every day.

The Archivio family is inspired with passion and respect by iconic garments that have stood the test of time, recovering the often forgotten values ​​of tradition, elegance and exclusivity. In addition to taking on a formal and refined connotation, the Paltò has always represented the casing that protects the wearer from the outside world.

Medium-heavy weight wool/cashmere/nylon blend cloth with remarkable structure and compactness. it has a treatment that makes the surface rainproof. this classic fabric in the past, precisely because of its main characteristic of resistance to wear, was used for army and navy military clothes. the resistance to wear, as well as the structure of the fabric, is due to a special crushing treatment called kd. the specialty of this material is not only its resistance to wear but also its breathability and impermeability, characteristics which, combined with the peculiarity and typicality of paltò, form a winning mix of technicality, comfort and exclusive uniqueness. the garments made with this material are very resistant and used and lived become even more fascinating. dry cleaning recommended.a secco.


75% Virgin Wool 20% Polyamide 5% Kashmir

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