Origin and meaning

Over time, the coat was increasingly considered something precious, to be preserved over time, the choice of which represented a unique event to be shared with the whole family. It soon became an instrument of enhancement of the male and female figure, a distinctive symbol of elegance and exclusivity. In reality, the image of the coat does not only take on a formal and refined connotation. It represents the envelope that protects the wearer from a sometimes hostile environment, which constitutes a shield that defends the person from the outside world.

1960s / 1970s

Many, if not all, in fact, have experienced the feeling of not wanting to take off this garment in places that are not very pleasant or where they felt uncomfortable.
The coat in the 1950s / 1960s became an icon of elegance par excellence: all the protagonists of the exciting years of the Dolce Vita, cinema and rock and roll, from Mastroianni to Jean-Paul Belmondo, from Paul Newman to Marlon Brando, from Steve McQueen to Robert De Niro, from Mick Jagger to John Lennon, wore one at the key moments of their careers.e.


Paltò presents itself on the market as the Coat Factory. The aim and soul of the project is the recovery of the often forgotten values of Italian dressing whose main symbols are tradition, elegance and exclusivity. More specifically, Paltò revisits the elements of the truest Italian spirit: style, tailoring, refined materials and handcrafted details, updated and personalized, according to the particularities and needs of modern society.