PALTÒ HYBRID is a new way to design the iconic garments of the male wardrobe.
The sartorial world is combined in a perfect balance with the engineering of technical clothing, creating a perfect collection of sportswear and overcoats characterized by excellent thermal performance and great comfort.


 PALTÒ uses a new type of padding, invented and patented in Italy, derived from recycled cashmere wool fiber, aimed at ensuring breathability and comfort. Unlike goose down and existing synthetic padding, it allows the use of quilts with more open and breathable fabrics for garments that require thermal insulation. Taking advantage of the special characteristics of wool:its hygroscopicity, breathability and its high insulating value, an eco-friendly and highly performing padding is born. Its capacity to absorb both human and environmental humidity is equal to one third of its weight, and is naturally converted into active heat thanks to its molecular structure. These properties, combined with natural breathability and resistance to odors, give wool padding, in general, and cashmere in particular, unrivaled thermal comfort both in the home and in extreme conditions.